Step# 2: Make your content efficient with buyer personas

The second post in my thoughts on how B2B marketers can improve their existing content marketing efforts. There’s some terrific content out there, and my attempt here is to guide busy marketers towards the right content that will quickly help them squeeze more value out of what they are already doing.

To get the most out of your content marketing efforts, it is very important that you intimately know the audience you are sharing content with. Whether you create or curate content, having a clear idea of your audience’s persona will maximize the engagement you drive with the content and your own brand in turn.

The most effective B2B marketers tailor content to the following categories: trends (65%), decision maker profiles (59%), company characteristics (55%), buy-cycle stage (43%), content preferences (21%), competitor’s content (11%). (Content Marketing Institute) [tweet this]

So get more efficient with your content strategy and build your customer personas. It may be tempting or even confusing when your product / service caters to different audience groups, but keep it simple in the beginning with one persona before working on others. Follow these steps to create some killer audience personas.

“Smaller companies (1-9 employees) target an average of three audiences, whereas enterprise companies (1,000+ employees) target an average of six. – CMI B2B Marketing Survey” [Tweet this]

Get started today, make your content marketing efforts more efficient and target the right audience with the right messages. Hungry for more?!? check out this extensive list of links available at the Content Marketing Institute.

If you strapped for time but keen on content marketing to drive engagement and leads, let us Automate your Content Marketing process today. Drop me a note, and let’s chat.


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