Take Industrious for a spin

The Industrious platform is in private beta currently. While you won’t be able to create your own account automatically, you can get a feel for what the Industrious platform could do for your business.




Automatically Curated feed of relevant content [click here]

A content feed similar to this, will be generated for your target audience and embedded on your site with a single line of code. This feed becomes a destination page when visitors aren’t ready to purchase your product, but are interested in the insights you are sharing. Lead capture forms allow you to connect with these visitors and nurture them over time to customers.

  • Notice: smart email collection that changes based on how cold/warm user in the funnel
  • Notice: when viewing an article another type of email collection is being used
  • Notice: as behavior changes over time, content recommendation and email collection techniques change


Automatic Social media distribution with relevant #tags [click here]

As part of the service, we automatically distribute the content from the feed across all your social pages (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, G+ and more), bringing your social profiles to life, generating new followers and driving relevant traffic towards your website.

  • Notice: amount of tweets per day, and the automatic hashtags being generated. This creates a following based on your consistent output of relevant content for potential customers 
  • Notice: when you click through on the article links, we use intelligent calls-to-action on 3rd party content to generate brand value for you and drive relevant traffic onto your site


Weekly Analytics Report [click here]

These are the Industrious content feed’s stats from last week. We will deliver to you, weekly insights on the performance of your newsfeed and website, so you have a better understanding of your audience (who visited, what channels, what content and keywords did they respond to, etc)

  • Notice: Performance Funnel
  • Notice: Twitter growth activities
  • Notice: Popular pages



Check out the product walk-through from the Industrious CTO, Mohamed.




Step# 2: Make your content efficient with buyer personas

The second post in my thoughts on how B2B marketers can improve their existing content marketing efforts. There’s some terrific content out there, and my attempt here is to guide busy marketers towards the right content that will quickly help them squeeze more value out of what they are already doing.

To get the most out of your content marketing efforts, it is very important that you intimately know the audience you are sharing content with. Whether you create or curate content, having a clear idea of your audience’s persona will maximize the engagement you drive with the content and your own brand in turn.

The most effective B2B marketers tailor content to the following categories: trends (65%), decision maker profiles (59%), company characteristics (55%), buy-cycle stage (43%), content preferences (21%), competitor’s content (11%). (Content Marketing Institute) [tweet this]

So get more efficient with your content strategy and build your customer personas. It may be tempting or even confusing when your product / service caters to different audience groups, but keep it simple in the beginning with one persona before working on others. Follow these steps to create some killer audience personas.

“Smaller companies (1-9 employees) target an average of three audiences, whereas enterprise companies (1,000+ employees) target an average of six. – CMI B2B Marketing Survey” [Tweet this]

Get started today, make your content marketing efforts more efficient and target the right audience with the right messages. Hungry for more?!? check out this extensive list of links available at the Content Marketing Institute.

If you strapped for time but keen on content marketing to drive engagement and leads, let us Automate your Content Marketing process today. Drop me a note, and let’s chat.